Via Organica’s Zero Waste Campaign: Be Part of the Movement!

Let’s Make San Miguel the First Zero-Waste City in Mexico!

The objective of the Zero Waste movement is to move all reusable, recyclable, and organic matter out of landfills. Composting is an important part of the Zero Waste movement— food waste that would previously be rotting in the landfill, releasing dangerous methane gas and making garbage pickers sick, is instead transformed into an essential ingedient in healthy soils.

In the United States, green-minded cities like San Francisco and Seattle have now passed laws requiring all household and commercial food wastes to be separated and composted. Let’s follow their lead and be pioneers in Mexico’s Zero Waste future.

Join Vía Orgánica’s Zero Waste Club:

How? Become a member with a $50pesos donation. We will give you two buckets; a small, black one for your kitchen scraps and a big, white one for storage until you deliver it, full, to Via Organica. We will take your food scraps to our farm and turn it into healthy compost! When you drop off your full bucket we will give you a clean one in return.

When? Monday and/or Friday 8-8:30 am

Do Compost

    All your vegetable and fruit wastes, (including rinds and cores)
    Old bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, noodles: anything made out of flour!
    Grains (cooked or uncooked)
    Coffee grounds, tea bags, filters
    Fruit or vegetable pulp from juicing
    Old spices
    Outdated boxed foods from the pantry
    Egg shells (crush well)
    Corn cobs and husks (cobs break down very slowly)

Do Not Compost

    Meat or meat waste, such as bones, fat, gristle, skin, etc. (unless from organic production)
    Fish or fish waste
    Dairy products, such as cheese, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream, etc. (give them to your house pet)
    Grease and oils of any kind

Want to help even more? Separate:

    Paper and cardboard

If you separate your garbage before it goes to the landfill, garbage pickers won’t have to, making it more likely that the materials will get recylced and the garbage workers will not get sick or injured picking through our trash.