English Language Biointensive Agriculture Workshop: August 14, 21, 28

“Biointensive” is a cutting-edge method of organic farming and gardening, incorporating traditional methods, appropriate in both urban and rural settings, spearheaded by agronomist John Jeavons and the California-based organization, Ecology Action, which generates maximum yields on minimum areas of land, with a goal of long-term sustainability and soil improvement.

Biointensive methods can produce between two and four times the number of vegetables and herbs per acre as traditional organic and chemical farming. As the world population grows, it is essential to find alternatives to the relatively low yields of conventional energy and chemical-intensive monoculture. Biointensive, like all organic agriculture, takes carbon dioxide from the air and stores it in the soil, does not rely on fossil fuels, and increases yields.

Luc Monzies and Jennifer Ungamach, Via Organica¹s resident expert and a student of John Jeavons, will be holding English language, Biointensive Agriculture Workshop for three consecutive Saturdays beginning August 14 at the Via Organica farm school. The course will also include an introduction to soil microbiology, compost tea brewing and clay pot irrigation.

The cost for the course is $3000 pesos and will be held at the Via Organica Garden in Parque Landeta, next to El Charco.  Click here for a map.  For more information or to register, please contact Jennifer at jenn@viaorganica.org415 113 5446.